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Humshehri: Thinking Pakistan's History

Thinking Pakistan's History


This section provides links to important speeches and documents in Pakistan’s history. Any original source or primary document has been marked by **.


Jinnah’s presidential address to Constituent Assembly August 11, 1947

Jinnah’s speeches and statements 1938-1940


Pakistan Constitution & Amendments: Provides text of the constitution and amendments as well as orders affecting the constitution and proposed amendments.


Parliamentary Committee on Balochistan Report ,2005: Provides the outcome of discussions on the problems of Balochistan and ways to ameliorate the situation.

Munir Report, 1954: Report of the Court of Inquiry constituted under Punjab Act II of 1954 to enquire into the Punjab Disturbances of 1953.

Treaties & Agreements

Lahore Declaration, 1999: A bilateral agreement between India and Pakistan in which an understanding was reached on development of atomic arsenals and unauthorized use of nuclear weapons.

Simla Agreement, 1972: An agreement between India and Pakistan after the 1971 war that laid down the principles to govern their future relations, namely use of bilateral negotiations.

Indus Water Treaty, 1960**: A water sharing treaty between India and Pakistan brokered by the World Bank.

Instrument of Accession Kalat, 1947**

Instrument of Accession Jammu & Kashmir, 1947 **