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Raja Porus is the courageous ruler known for fighting a fierce battle with Alexander on the banks of the Jhelum River.

Last Updated: 28 Feb. 2014

Battle with Alexander

Porus Alexander (mitchellteachers)
Porus surrenders to Alexander
(Mitchell Teacher’s)

Porus (Indian version Puru) was the ruler of the Paurava Kingdom located between the Rivers Jhelum and Chenab in Punjab. He is known for the famous battle he fought with Alexander, Battle of the Hydaspes (Jhelum) River, in 326 BC. Porus met Alexander at the banks of the Jhelum River with an army of elephants, which the Greeks had never encountered before. Alexander was able to sneak his cavalry across the river one stormy night and eventually defeat Porus using his military skills. When Alexander asked Porus how he should treat him, the latter replied, “As befits me; like a king.” Alexander was so impressed by his bravery both on the field and in defeat that he restored the kingdom to Porus and put him in charge of his northern conquests. Some find such generosity uncharacteristic of Alexander. His change of course could also have been a result of the battle being a standoff as well.

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