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Data Ganj Baksh

One of the greatest Sufi saints of the subcontinent, Data Ganj Baksh is credited for spreading Islam in the Punjab.

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Last Updated: 13 Mar. 2014


Data durbar shrine in Lahore
Data durbar shrine in Lahore

Ali Hujwari (1009-1074), popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh, which means the ‘master who bestows treasures’, is one of the great Sufi saints widely revered in Pakistan and north India. The Sufis with their emphasis on humanism and tolerance played a profound role in the spread of Islam in this part of the world, especially among those who were the most oppressed.

Ali Hujwari was born in Ghazni Afghanistan under the Ghaznavid Dynasty. He came to Lahore under orders from his pir and eventually settled down there. His shrine in Lahore is one of the most frequented and famous in all of Pakistan. People from even outside the country make pilgrammages to his shrine.

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