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Thinking Pakistan's History

Court Structure

Even more than 50 years after independence, the Court structure in Pakistan is a reminder of the judicial system prevalent during the days of British rule.

Last Updated: 26 Dec. 2014


After independence, Pakistan largely retained the pre-independence British Court structure, albeit with necessary modifications and improvements. The diagram depicts the current hierarchy in court structure.

Court s 2 small
Judicial hierarchy
(Supreme Court of Pakistan)


An excerpt from the Constitution of Pakistan regarding the establishment and jurisdiction of courts:


Establishment and Jurisdiction of Courts:

  1. There shall be a Supreme Courts of Pakistan, a High Court for each Province 107 [and a High Court for the Islamabad Capital Territory,] and such other courts as may be established by law.
    108 [Explanation:– Unless the context otherwise, the words “High Court” wherever occurring in the constitution shall include “ Islamabad High Court]
  2. No court shall have any jurisdiction save as is or may be conferred on it by the Constitution or by or under any law.
  3. The Judiciary shall be separated progressively from the Executive within fourteen years from the commencing day.

Primary sources

Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973

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Books & Articles

Supreme Court of Pakistan. Judicial Hierarchy Annual Report. Supreme Court of Pakistan, 2010 -2011.