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Chief Minister & Cabinet

In each province, executive authority is exercised by the Chief Minister (counterpart of the Prime Minister the federal level) with assistance from a Provincial Cabinet.

Last Updated: 27 Nov. 2014

Chief Minister

Chief Minister & Cabinet 1
Governor and Chief Minister of Sindh

The Chief Minister, who is the counterpart of the Prime Minister at the provincial level, is the Executive Head of a province and is elected by members of the Provincial Assembly. He/she is assisted by a Provincial Cabinet comprising of ministers from different departments. Each province also has a Governor, who is the counterpart of the President at the provincial level.

Mirroring the President – Prime Minister relationship at the federal level, the Governor acts on the advice of the Chief Ministerwhilst performing most a governor’s functions. The Executive authority of the province also extends tomatters in respect of which the Provincial Assembly has power to passlaws.

Primary sources

Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973