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Humshehri: Thinking Pakistan's History

Thinking Pakistan's History

About Us

Humshehri is an independent educational initiative dedicated towards enhancing understanding of Pakistan’s history, culture, places and people. It is a project of the Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE) and its Campaign for Quality Education (CQE), a non-profit organization focused on researching and advocating for educational quality in Pakistan for the past 30 years.

Why Humshehri?

It is our belief that ensuring minimum standards of quality of education, not only entails developing literacy and numeracy skills, but developing critical thinking skills and a well-rounded understanding of citizenship. Research on curricula and textbooks in Pakistan has consistently highlighted inaccuracies and gaps in history and social studies texts, despite revisions to the curricula. Moreover research indicates that teaching practices and assessments do not promote critical thinking.  While change at this level is slow, there is an acute need to engage with this issue outside the classroom. Humshehri has been created, in this regard, to address these issues.

What does Humshehri seek to do?

Broad content: Provide a broad range of information on Pakistan by covering topics on history (both national and provincial),  people,  places (specific cities and districts) and culture.

Multiple perspectives: Emphasize multiple perspectives by pointing students towards different types of sources – books, articles, blogs, newspaper reports, websites, videos, etc.

Audience: Focus is currently on secondary level students, however it is our hope to expand the material to reach a wide range of grades.

Our story

Humshehri was initiated in 2013 and is very much a work in progress. Given the vast nature of the subject matter, we are continuously developing and updating content. In the meantime we have put Humshehri online to share with you. Please send your feedback to info@humshehri.org. And do keep checking back for new material!