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Humshehri: Thinking Pakistan's History

Thinking Pakistan's History


Prehistory begins before humans, with the creation of the land that is now Pakistan.

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Subcontinent invasions (Jain Hussain)
Invasions by the Persian, Greek and Central Asian, interrupted by brief periods of local rule.

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Early Muslim Rule
Beginnings of Muslim rule in subcontinent as well as the rise of Sufism.

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Mughal Rules
From three centuries of economic and cultural development under the Mughal Empire to colonization by the British.

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From the rise of Muslim political consciousness to articulation of a demand for Pakistan.

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modren pakistan

From the creation of Pakistan to the present day covering the years from 1947 onwards.

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Cabol, Baloch, Punjab
The distinctive histories of each province and region make up Pakistan’s historical narrative.

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